Happy Sister’s Day!

Happy Sister's Day!

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She might have pulled your hair a few times, stolen your clothes, purposely embarrassed you in front of your friends, or maybe even played mean tricks on you, but as mom always said, “She’s always going to be your sister! So get along!” Or maybe it was just my mother that said this? As most siblings stories go, you fight like cats and dogs when you’re younger. You make your parents want to pull their hair out with your petty fights and quarrels, but as you get older, you realize, ‘Hey! This is actually my best friend.’

Despite the fact that you said you hated her when you were younger, chances are you’ve grown out of this stage and have matured to the level of sitting down, drinking wine together and talking about how crazy mom can get or how cousin Pete will likely never mature into a regular adult. Make it a point to remember Sister’s Day this year to really show her you care. And because you need to make up for all those times you guys fought over a Barbie doll or the last cookie as if you were fighting for your life as a gladiator did back in Roman times.

So what should you do? When is this holiday? Where did it come from? Let’s take a look…

What Is Sister’s Day and Where Did It Come From?

Sister’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August each year, although if you fought like my sister and I did back in the day, I’d need to celebrate it every day for the next five years to make up for everything. So at least, give her a break and be nice for this one day, alright?

Someone must have been feeling guilty about the way they treated their sister and perhaps came up with this day as a peace offering, but we’ll never know. There’s no history on this day and it seems nobody knows when or where it came about.

How to Celebrate Sister’s Day

So how can you make your Sister’s Day amazing? What do you two like to do? Make it a day full of amazing things you both enjoy doing. Go out for coffee together in the morning, make a picnic in the park (don’t forget the wine), and then end it with a fun night going out and dancing or maybe just sitting at home chatting.

Maybe you two are crafty? Do an art project together. Do you have some old films of you two when you were younger? Get ready for some deep belly laughs and bust those out if you still have a VCR! They will be sure to bring back some memories that will bring tears to your eyes, mostly from laughing so hard.

Make this year the year you actually celebrate Sister’s Day. It’s a wonderful way to cherish your sibling in a way that you two will remember for years and years. What do you plan on doing for your sis this year?

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