The Best (and the Worst) States for Assisted Living

This year’s National Assisted Living Week takes place September 7-13, 2014. To celebrate, we looked at the more than 55,000 reviews currently on from residents, their families, and friends to see if we could answer the question…

Which states have the highest-rated assisted living communities, according to residents?

Ready to find out? Check out the infographic below. To see the full list (with star rating by state), scroll down below the infographic.

The Best and the Worst States for Assisted Living According to Online Reviews on Infographic

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The Best States for Assisted Living, According to Online Reviews*

1. Maine (4.33 / 5.00 stars)
2. Utah (4.30 / 5.00 stars)
3. New Hampshire (4.23 / 5.00 stars)
4. Rhode Island (4.19 / 5.00 stars)
5. Alabama (4.13 / 5.00 stars)
6. Kansas (4.12 / 5.00 stars)
7. Kentucky (4.11 / 5.00 stars)
8. Tennessee (4.09 / 5.00 stars)
9. Delaware (4.08 / 5.00 stars)
10. Missouri (4.07 / 5.00 stars)
11. Idaho (4.07 / 5.00 stars)
12. South Carolina (4.05 / 5.00 stars)
13. Oklahoma (4.05 / 5.00 stars)
14. Louisiana (4.05 / 5.00 stars)
15. Colorado (4.04 / 5.00 stars)
16. Connecticut (4.03 / 5.00 stars)
17. Illinois (4.02 / 5.00 stars)
18. Nebraska (4.02 / 5.00 stars)
19. Arizona (4.02 / 5.00 stars)
20. Texas (4.01 / 5.00 stars)
21. New Jersey (4.01 / 5.00 stars)
22. Ohio (3.99 / 5.00 stars)
23. North Carolina (3.98 / 5.00 stars)
24. Oregon (3.97 / 5.00 stars)
25. New York (3.97 / 5.00 stars)
26. Georgia (3.97 / 5.00 stars)
27. Pennsylvania (3.96 / 5.00 stars)
28. Virginia (3.95 / 5.00 stars)
29. Wisconsin (3.95 / 5.00 stars)
30. Michigan (3.94 / 5.00 stars)
31. Maryland (3.94 / 5.00 stars)
32. Indiana (3.93 / 5.00 stars)
33. Massachusetts (3.93 / 5.00 stars)
34. Iowa (3.92 / 5.00 stars)
35. California (3.92 / 5.00 stars)
36. Nevada (3.91 / 5.00 stars)
37. New Mexico (3.89 / 5.00 stars)
38. Washington (3.89 / 5.00 stars)
39. Florida (3.88 / 5.00 stars)
40. Minnesota (3.83 / 5.00 stars)

*Please note that only 40 of the 50 states have been listed – the others did not have a statistically significant number of reviews to be included in this ranking.

Did any of the rankings surprise you? Let us know in the comments!

Based in Austin, TX, Amelia is the former Content Marketing Manager for When she’s not writing about online reputation management, online reviews, and social media in the senior living space, she enjoys yoga and running with her dog Rockefeller. She graduated from Wellesley College cum laude with a dual degree in English and Medieval/Renaissance Studies.


  1. Christine Hamric September 14, 2014 Reply

    I am new to your blog, and I am failing to find your supporting information on the lists you have provided provided in this article. If there is a link I may have missed it. I see these this lists are based upon reviews from residents, families and friends, as well as online reviews (possibly located somewhere else on So I will dig deeper on your site.

    Also, the top list indicates the states that are “Above 4 Stars” and “Below 4 Stars) — but the second list gives all 36 states “5 Stars” . I am very interested in learning all I can about my father’s future Assisted Living choices. However, I’m confused by your listings and frustrated by not being able to navigate to your supporting information.

    • Author
      Amelia Willson September 16, 2014 Reply

      Hi Christine, thanks for your comment. These rankings were based on an average of all the online reviews for the senior care providers in each state. The above and below 4 stars indicate whether or not the community received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and above, or a rating below that. All of the providers on our site are rated on a 5-star scale, which is why the state listing shows the average of how many stars out of 5 (for instance, an average of all the ratings for the care providers in Maine is 4.33 stars out of 5). Does that make sense?

      You can find ratings and reviews for assisted living options for your dad by searching for your city and state or zip code on the homepage.

  2. Charlene September 15, 2014 Reply

    I’d love to know the criteria used! We’re looking for appropriate, affordable assisted living for my mother in both Louisiana and in Maryland. There is NO assisted living that moves into Mediaid payment in LA. There are MANY caring, dignified, well run places in MD which take Medicaid after a spenddown.

    • Author
      Amelia Willson September 16, 2014 Reply

      Hi Charlene, thanks for reading! These rankings were based on an average of all the online reviews for the senior care providers in each state. You can find affordable assisted living in Louisiana and Maryland on – you can choose to filter by average cost on the left. If you’d prefer to talk to someone, you can call 1-866-333-7320 to talk a senior living advisor local to your area, absolutely for free.

  3. Janice Burch September 15, 2014 Reply

    I was wondering if there is anyway to get paid for caring for your elderly relatives in your home ? It does costs money to feed and keep them and it is putting a strain on us.
    Thank you very much,

    • Author
      Amelia Willson September 16, 2014 Reply

      Hi Janice, thanks for your note. Have you considered hiring an in-home caregiver to help you care for your relatives? You can talk to a senior living advisor local to your area about your options, absolutely for FREE – give us a call at 1-866-333-7320.

    • Kelly mogavero June 27, 2016 Reply

      I’m wondering if you are even allowed to care for a family member since you were found guilty of elderly abuse and neglect and ordered to not participate in providing any care or assistance to the elderly? I won’t bring up the fact that you caused at least one death of a person under your supposed care. Now you are trying to take money for caring for a family member. God help them.

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