Famous Cats in MoviesFamous Cats in Movies

Cats, cats, and more cats! Who doesn’t like cats? I’m sure there some people out there who aren’t too fond of these adorable and fluffy felines, but overall, I’d say there are plenty of cats lovers out there. So, cat lovers, did you know there’s a National Cat Day? Yep, while some of you might have cat day everyday, there’s actually a holiday for cats. Meow!

Every year, on October 29th, comes a special day where we can celebrate the life of these furry fellows that we love so much.

History of Cat Day

It all started when an animal welfare advocate started this day. Colleen Paige made this national holiday back in 2005 in efforts to raise awareness of the ever growing problem that there are too many cats that don’t have a loving home. There are tons of cats that need to be recused each year, so a day to really heighten this issue would hopefully help the adoption of cats. Of course, if you’re a loving owner of a cat, you can just appreciate your purring companion, or perhaps think of getting him or her a new friend.

International Cat Days

There’s actually a few cat days around the world. Feel free to celebrate them all.

International Cat Day was created in 2002 and is celebrated on August 8th. This was started by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

World Cat Day is celebrated on February 17th, mostly in Europe, and on March 1st in Russia.

Orangey the Cat in Breakfast at TiffanysFamous Cats on Film

  • In 1901, The Sick Kitten was one of the first cats on film.
  • L’Atalante was a film of two lovebirds who was serenaded by a grumpy man named Pere Jules. He had cats running around most of the film. There was even one perched on his back as he played the accordion and danced.
  • The Private Life of a Cat, in 1947, showed us a kitten growing into a cat in a short black and white film.
  • Alice in Wonderland had a delightful and iconic cat named the Cheshire Cat. Cartoon? Yes. Still endearing? Absolutely.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s starred Orangey the cat.
  • We know it’s another cartoon movie, but we can’t forget The Aristocats!The Aristocats
  • More recently, we had Puss in Boots whose voice was played by Antonio Banderas in Shrek.
  • Then there’s the ever smart kitty from Meet the Parents. Mr. Jinks is quite the polite kitty as he can even use the toilet properly.
  • And lastly, there is the cat of all cartoon cats: Garfield, the lasagna loving feline.  Garfield is an all time favorite that many people would read in the comics every Sunday. They then added Garfield television shows and movies.

There are surely more kitty stars to mention, but here are some more of the popular ones to have you reminisce on. Who’s your favorite famous cat? Do you have a cat or are you thinking of getting one? Please think about adopting at a shelter before going to a breeder. We wish you a wonderful and happy Cat Day!

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