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How can your major of study improve the lives of seniors receiving in-home care services?

Essay response by Stephen LaForest

Home care services provide a wide variety of programs offered to senior citizens. These services include elder services which provide the elderly with in-home care, whether it be the distribution of medicine,house work, groceries, or transportation to doctor’s appointments. Other services center around hospice care in nursing homes and senior citizen centers, which offer social and medical services.

As a part of my selected area of study, seniors who receive in home care is an essential part in aiding the needs of our elderly. Studying business administration has an important impact to seniors who own homes. The equity of the homes and mortgages is necessary to maintain peace of mind to the elderly. Our older population has worked hard all of their lives to give their families a decent place to live. They are very conscientious as to where their money is being sent and how it is saved. Any services for the elderly is like a business. One invests their lifetime earnings in either stocks or bonds, or other things. As an accountant, the elderly can rely upon his or her’s  expertise in how to invest in their future and those of their family.

In addition, hiring staff (medical or health care provider) needs to understand laws which vary from state to state, to provide the best care for these clients. Also, seniors may have their personal lawyer whom they seek information concerning their laws. My specialty in the area of business is becoming a CPA accountant. I feel that an accountant can play an important part in doing taxes and other areas of business law and practices. Seniors often need interpretations of taxation, which can be overwhelming and can cause confusion. In being an accountant, you need to keep up with the changes that occur in the business world. This is one of the ways to improve the lives of seniors.

Other means include a provision of choices that can be available to the elderly, along with making these clear and simple. It is vital to make any issue that presents it as understandable so that seniors can be confident and comfortable in making decisions which will affect them for their remaining years.

The more educated you become, the better lives can be improved. Business is a broad area field of study, that can benefit anyone, young or old, in their endeavors. This area is versatile that such affairs can be handled at the office, or maybe in one’s home. You can develop a personal relationship with the elderly simply by speaking at their level and to provide a friendly environment, which can be beneficial to both you and your client. One must understand it is not only important to know what you are doing, but to possess a pleasant personality and patience. Just like in any realm of business, these are successes as well as failures. In dealing with the public, you need to be honest and above board with your clients no matter how old. Our seniors need special attention, because they have sacrificed all their lives to provide a better life for their family.

Business administration, I believe, is the essential factor in making the public aware of the financial ups and downs, and especially to provide people with accurate and available services that are offered. I look forward to serving the public and to provide our senior citizens the best financial plan for them and their children.

In conclusion, my area of study; business administration, can provide our older generations on so many levels in terms of their monies and properties are secured. These areas form real-estate to simple taxes can become something that can be obtained successfully without worry or devastation. All of our seniors deserve peace of mind and mostly, our respect. They are the ones who provided a gateway to our youth.

About Stephen

Stephen attends the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts as a freshman studying business.


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