Everwood Home Care - Moreno Valley, CA

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About Everwood Home Care - Moreno Valley, CA

New Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) is now available!
Our facility is in an excellent area in Moreno Valley (exit – Day Street) ... near Costco and the Moreno Valley Mall.
We offer many amenities and activities for your loved ones, making them feel at home immediately.
We provide the following services to ensure a nurturing and authentic family environment. Our ultimate goal is for our facility to be their home away from home.

(a) Lodging: 4 single rooms + 1 master bedroom (for couples or 2 individuals interested in sharing).
(b) Food Services: 3 daily nutritious meals. There will be in - between meals/snacks. We accommodate special diets if prescribed by a doctor.
(c) Laundry services.
(d) Cleaning services for their room.
(e) Comfortable and suitable bed, including fresh linen weekly (or more often, if required).
(f) Transportation to medical and dental appointments (if required).
(g) A planned activity program (5 nights a week) including arrangement for utilization of community resources.
(h) Notification to family and other appropriate person/agency that they may need to contact.

(a) Continuous observation, care and supervision.
(b) Assistance with bathing and personal needs (as required.)
(c) Assistance in meeting necessary medical and dental needs (as required.)
(d) Assistance with taking prescribed medications in accordance with physician's instructions (unless prohibited by law or regulations.)
(e) Bedside care for minor temporary illnesses.
(f) Maintenance and supervision of their cash resources or property (if necessary).
(g) Weekly outings as a group; or individual outings can be arranged with their family upon request.
(h) Coordinate daily visits from their family members.